Biblical Business

Information on Biblical Business

A Biblical business realizes success by developing and executing a plan based on a clear vision and statement of values. The paragraphs below provid e models to guide development of Biblical vision statements, Biblical values stat ements, and Biblical plans.

Vision This site has 20 survey questions that challenge thinking about the vision for a Christian business.
Values This site includes a summary of Bible passages that can guide business leaders as they seek to reflect the Character of God in the business setting. The site emphasizes the divine values that can guide a culture that builds value for staff and customers.
Plans This site describes a process that can help maintain unity and effectiveness while building a business that honors God.
Mature Christian Leadership Discipleship Survey This survey helps a business manager assess his/her personal maturity. Questions reveal areas where a discipleship relationship can shine God's light more fully into the manager's life.
Mature Christian Management Management Survey This survey helps a business manager assess the maturity of his/her business. Questions can uncover areas of darkness where Christ's light is needed.