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The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. – Hebrews 1:3

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  1. Sermon Links with Solutions in 60 Areas
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  3. Problems in 40 Areas to Be Addressed by Covenantal Solutions
  4. Problems in 40 Areas to Be Addressed by Sermon Solutions
About God's Covenental Plan
The solutions to all spiritual and social problems are summarized in the diagram at the right. The church has an essential role in maintaining the sound doctrine that undergirds the church. Church leaders also have a vitally important role in connecting with God’s two other covenantal institutions: the family and the government. Sermons explaining the doctrine undergirding the church are linked here: The text below provides more details about how the church works with other institutions to radiate God’s glory while sustaining all aspects of God’s institutions according to His powerful word.
God's covenantal plan is executed through 3 main communities: the church, family, and government. These are the 3 covenantal communities most clearly given resources, purpose, and authority throughout Scripture. These communities can use resources in harmony with divine R-THEOS process in the areas described on this website and summarized below. Heading these communities are prayerful leaders who gather for worship, prayer, and Biblical preaching in a manner that respects Christ's "Upper Room." Such spiritual communities address all types of spiritual issues*. Community leaders effectively support Christian peacemaking (in the "court room"), Christian family businesses (in the "board room"), Christian schools (in the classroom), and Christian families (in the "family room"). These covenantal communities, with guidance from wisdom at, can provide answers to all of the problems listed under

* "There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, "Mine!"
- Abraham Kuyper

Covenantal institutions ordained
by God:
Church Family Government Church
Covenantal centers of leadership stewarded by man: Upper Room Classroom Family Room Boardroom Courtroom
Description of covenantal leadership process: Honoring God in our relationships begins with worship, prayer, and Bible study in the Upper Room. All Biblical churches began in the Upper Room. All of the cultures in world history that enjoyed the greatest freedom and prosperity had churches (e.g., covenant communities) at the center of the social life. The Bible study in the Upper Room inspires Biblical teaching in the family room. The family and church work together to provide classroom instruction that prepares students to respond to the "values-neutral" education in government schools. In the Family Room, parents can reinforce the spiritual disciplines and inspiration from the Upper Room and Classroom. Parents can also help family members clarify statements of calling and purpose. This will prepare them to form missions with other purposeful people in the boardroom. Board members unite around a common mission. The mission will most inspire the team if each team member has been prepared, equipped, and empowered to live out his/her purpose in fulfilling the corporate mission. This is often most possible in a family business, but even a family business cedes some jurisdiction to the government under the commerce clause and other provisions of the constitution. Courts were under the juridiction of the churches throughout most of western history. Secural courts have usurped more conrol, especially since the early 1900s. Given the failures of the secural system, churches are increasingly restoring control by having members put Christian Conciliation clauses in marriage covenants, business agreements, and other legal documents.
Worship, prayer, and teaching in the Upper Room (in churches) affirms the above covenantal leadership process. Leadership is led by Prophets, Priests, and Kings. The prophet inspires the congregation through sermons. The Priest relates truths to the individuals in the institution through personal discipleship and mentoring relationships. The king administers programs. This type of leadership in the Upper Room provides a model for parallel leadership in the Classroom, Family Room, Boardroom, and Court Room. As will be explained with links below, leadership is key to relating wisdom discerned during prayer and worship to ethical principles that lead to blessings and multiplication.
  Upper Room Classroom Family Room Boardroom Courtroom
Personal Resource Development 1 13 25 37 49
Personal Worship 2 14 26 38 50
Personal Prayer 3 15 27 39 51
Personal Bible study 4 16 28 40 52
Personal Obedience 5 17 29 41 53
One-on-one Outreach 6 18 30 42 54
Corporate Resources 7 19 31 43 55
Corporate Worship 8 20 32 44 56
Corporate Accountability 9 21 33 45 57
Corporate Education 10 22 34 46 58
Corporate Sacraments 11 23 35 47 59
Church Planting/Cultural Reformation 12 24 36 48 60
The sermons linked from the 60 numbers on the above grid correspond to the 60 numbers on the diagram below. The diagram shows how the six dimensions of God’s covenantal character can radiate through the upper room, court room, board room, family room, and class room.

As we understand how God’s covenantal character can radiate (through the upper room, court room, board room, family room, and class room), we can more fully appreciate how God has solutions to the problems that arise in all areas of society. This diagram shows how the forty problems that most concern Americans are addressed in covenantal institutions based on the church, government, and family. The forty problems are those that Americans say most concern them when polled by Gallup and/or problems that economists say create the greatest costs for the economy. In covenant theology there are solutions to all these problems!

Sermon Solutions
The above diagram shows 40 problems around the outside ring that correspond to the sermons linked on the table below. If you know of a sermon that provides a better solution to any problem on the following list, please send the new link to
1 Administrative Law 21 Taxes - "Excess Burden" caused by taxes
2 Civil Lawsuits 22 Unfunded state pensions at 6%
3 Crime 23 Waste: Gambling losses
4 Foreign aid corruption 24 Disease: Alcoholism
5 Fraud: Health Care 25 Disease: Alzheimers
6 Governmental Disruptions 26 Disease: Cancer
7 Gun-related violence 27 Disease: Heart
8 Immigration 28 Disease: Mental
9 Incarceration costs 29 Divorce
10 Ineffective family law system 30 Illness: Causing Work Absense
11 Racial Discrimination 31 Poverty
12 Recidivism 32 Corruption of ethics
13 Regulations: EPA 33 Disease: Drug Abuse
14 Religious Discrimination 34 Educational failures: college
15 Tort litigation 35 Illiteracy
16 Unjust/Inefficient Food Distribution 36 Lack of Health Training
17 Interest on consumer debt at 6% 37 Lack of Sex Ed: Abortion
18 Interest on federal debts 38 Lack of teamwork
19 Interest on state debts at 6% 39 Unemployment
20 Regulations: Federal 40 Unnecessary health costs