One Thousand Points of Light
Illuminating and Strengthening 1,000+ Covenant Communities on the 7 Cultural Mountains

In the midst of the all the darkness in the world, there is light! The image at the right suggests how a faithful church community can be replicated to illuminate one thousand points of light globally.

Each point of light is a covenant community where the church works with the family and government to create strong institutions on 7 mountains. These three main covenantal institutions (church, family and government) are summarized at If 1,000 communities build God-honoring relationships in ecclesiastical, educational, familial, commercial, judicial, entertainment, media, and other spheres, people around the world and across the generations can see inspiring models.

As we look beyond the seven mountains, we see the City on a Hill, described in Scripture and in the writings of visionary leaders, such as the English and Dutch Puritans. As noted in Matthew 5, a godly city can light up the world. The City on a Hill is comprised of covenantal institutions that reflect God's character, as symbolized by the colors of the rainbow (and explained at Leaders in these covenantal institutions have solutions to the biggest problems that politicians fail to address. Solutions are based on the Sanai Covenant (10 Commandments) and similar Biblical covenants that reflect the character of God.

Solid religious communities across the centuries have built schools, businesses, ecclesiastical courts, and other institutions surrounding centers of worship, prayer, and education. Following historical models, religious communities have established "1,000 Points of Light" that reflect hope encouraged by mature spiritual leaders. These congregations have communicated God's light from powerful and prayerful pulpits. The pastors have followed clear blueprints for extending the knowledge of the glory of the Lord around the world and across the centuries. Blueprints are explained at,, and at Leaders on the 7 mountains in these religious communities can teach and apply divine solutions to the world's problems, including those at and

Maybe only 2% of religious congregations (approximately 8,000 of America's 400,000 churches) are currently equipped to address the problems in communities around them. Biblical history reveals solutions. Churches have had the greatest impact when leaders have held to a confessional understanding of the 9 marks ( of the Biblical church. Spiritual leaders must heed what the Westminster Divines and other religious bodies have discerned when prayerfully and diligently articulating what Scripture teaches about strengthening faithful and loving communities. See, e.g.,

The Covenant Network is working with philanthropist friends to identify and equip churches that hold to a confessional understanding of the 9 Marks. We need to identify and support the solid churches that are responding faithfully and lovingly to the biggest educational, judicial, economic, familial and other problems in the world. Please email examples of solid churches to By strengthening God-honoring churches, we can inspire immense hope in the midst of the darkness.

For more information about how God works through churches to radiate His light, please see the following links: