3 Institutions: Church, Family, and Government

God has given all authority to Christ as He rules over the 3 primary institutions. According to God’s Word, the government has the sword of discipline (Romans 13:4); the family is given the rod of discipline (Proverbs 23:13–14); and the church holds the keys of discipline (Matthew 16:19). The Westminster Divines organized passages about the government in Chapter 23 of the Westminster Confession of Faith ("WCF"), organized passages about the family in Chapter 24 of the WCF, and organized passages about the church in Chapters 24-31 of the WCF. Timeless teachings about the 3 primary institutions can be blended to develop Biblical foundations for educational, judicial, economic, familial and other institutions that respect the lordship of Christ, law of God, and leading of the Spirit. The following diagram explains how God (as He makes Himself known through the means of grace, doctrines of grace, and covenant of grace) undergirds the government, family, and church. For more information about how these 3 institutions form a foundation for God-honoring culture, see www.Covenant.net/5Rooms, www.Covenant.net/7Mountains, and www.Covenant.net/1000Points.