Trinitarian Leadership is Reflected through
Scripture into 7 Primary Cultural Institutions

Seven Spheres of Influence

To encourage the means of grace while supporting communities reflecting the covenant of grace and covenant of peace, we encourage preaching, prayer, and peacemaking in the governance of the above 7 mediating institutions. See, e.g., Leaders of the mediating institutions (authority structures emphasized in Scripture) are encouraged to maintain peace and purity though a commitment to praying Scripture, Biblical peacemaking, and supporting pastors preaching the Word. Pastors preaching the Word are encouraged to address issues faced by mediating institution leaders as they encourage praying and peacemaking in the governance process.

Grace and peace are rooted in the God's covenants with man and in His Gospel. See, e.g., and God the Father works through the Son and Spirit, as depicted by the above triangle and affirmed by passages such as 1 Corinthians 12:3 – "no one can say, 'Jesus is Lord,' except by the Holy Spirit." We experience grace and peace in relationship with Christ and in institutions where Christ provides Lordship while believers experience the sanctification of the Spirit and the love of God, the lawgiver.

To envision how a focus on grace and peace can help extend God's Kingdom, see the following essay about the Lord's prayer by T.M. Moore: (Chuck Colson wrote that T.M. is, "one of the brightest men I've ever known [and he] has profoundly affected my spiritual walk. [He] will help you see and apply the Scriptures in ways you've never imagined.")

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