What is a Reformed Anglican?

  1. Reformed Anglican subscribes to the Thirty -Nine Articles and is committed to understanding them as originally intended in 1553. This understanding of the faith is essentially the same as believed by other Reformed churches throughout Europe at that time. For example, here is a lecture series on what came to be known as The Five Solas of the Reformation; here taught from a strictly Anglican perspective in full agreement with the 39 Articles.

  2. A Reformed Anglican is committed to reading the Daily Office or Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer (1662 or equivalent), every morning and evening as the Lord permits. Reformed Anglican Fellowship maintains an online version of the Daily Office. We welcome anyone to use it.
    The Reformed Anglican does these things because they are consistent with the law of God and the grace which God has shown to his chosen people. By means of this grace, Reformed Anglicans understand and repent of their sin, love the Word of God, preach the Gospel to the lost, feed the poor, pray in faith for those who suffer, and confidently wait for the consummation of this world in the Lord's return for judgment.

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