Westminster Confession of Faith

The work produced by the Westminster Assembly has lived and will permanently live. The reason is obvious. The work was wrought with superb care, patience, precision, and above all with earnest and intelligent devotion to the Word of God and zeal for His glory.-John Murray

The Westminster Confession of Faith Summarized in One Paragraph: The Westminster Divines show how God established foundations through His word (Chapter 1), the Trinity (Chapter 2), His eternal decree (Chapter 3) and creation (Chapter 4). He provides (Chapter 5) but shows us we deserve perdition (Chapter 6) apart from a proper covenantal relationship with Christ (Chapters 7 and 8). This relationship is formed with freedom to respond to His call, justification, adoption, sanctification, and saving faith (Chapter 9-15). Through repentance (Chapter 15) and a proper relationship with Christ, we persevere to enjoy grace not based on works (Chapter 16-18). He guides us through his Law, which leads to Liberty, and joyous celebration on the Lord’s Day (Chapters 19-21). He creates authority structures with lawful oaths and vows so that we can be guided by Christ as He rules over the 3 primary institutions (Chapter 22-24). According to God's Word, the government has the sword of discipline (Romans 13:4); the family is given the rod of discipline (Proverbs 23:13–14); and the church holds the keys of discipline (Matthew 16:19). Chapter 23 of the Westminster Confession of Faith ("WCF") shows how the government exists to promote religious liberty needed so that the family (described in Chapter 24 of the WCF) and the church (described in Chapters 24-31 of the WCF) can flourish under Christ's authority. The church has a key role in teaching how members of families and churches can develop mature faith (as explained in WCF chapter 1-23) so that they can maintain the purity and peace in covenant communities, as described in WCF Chapters 23-31. At death, the souls of righteous are made perfect in holiness before ascending to the highest heavens (WCF Chapter 32) where the righteous go into everlasting life and receive that fullness of joy that comes from the presence of the Lord (WCF Chapter 33).

Note: Confessional documents contain the system of doctrine taught in the Holy Scriptures. See key documents at https://www.opc.org/confessions.html

A future version of this pages is being designed with a search engine that helps the viewer see how proot texts underlying the 33 Chapters of the Westerminster Confession of Faith (WCF) parallelel the proof texts underlying the 39 Articles. The goal is to show how both of these documents point toward our Trinitarian Lord's means of grace as well as the covenant of grace and covenant of peace. The page will highlight parallels between the means of grace and the marks of the Biblical church. The hope is that Christian leaders in the 3 Institutions and 7 Spheres will unite with commitment to Biblical preaching, prayer, and peacemaking.