Grace and Peace Channels


Starting with the Word and Prayer, We See Channels of Grace and Peace

Through Word, prayer and sacraments, God channels His grace into relationships with believers.  Through believers who know His grace, God channels peace into relationships with Christ, the church, counselors and confessional leaders. Through leaders with a confessional understanding of our relationships Christ and others, God transforms cultural centers (e.g., spheres of sovereignty or mediating institutions).

Note: Above are the 3 Means of Grace. See Means of Grace are often referred to as Channels of Grace.
Note: Above are the 4 Cs of Peacemaking. See Leaders practicing the 4 Cs encourage a confessional understanding of Christ, the Church, Counsel, and leadership in mediating institutions (spheres) described in the Confessions*.

* See, for example, how the Westminster Confession of Faith describes government, family and church spheres in Chapter 23-31. In these and related mediating institutions (such as schools and businesses), confessional leaders encourage grace and peace (as well as other fruits of the Spirit) through commitment to what the confessions teach about Word, prayer, sacraments, Christ, the church, counsel, and leadership.

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